Sobering Times

I thought that I’d get at least 2 months under my belt before I felt I had the right to “attempt” to help anyone else. Soberingtimes is being created to provide a holistic overview looking at the full spectrum of topics regarding alcohol and the addiction itself.

It is 4th Nov 2018 – Day 70 safely under the belt (Well nearly at 10pm tonight). I’d like to say I’ve spent the past days investigating the resources available, including the sites, blogs, books and YouTube videos, but I guess in reality I’ve spend the past 28 years dipping in and out of sobriety, succeeding for a while but never really escaping.

I know we are never meant to say “I’ve got this”, but I do believe that I now that I see the gaps in my thinking that led me to slip back into the drinking culture each time. I am also fully aware that I need to keep guard from the ouside influences that are forever in my line of sight whether they be from my friends, television, advertising.

The three books I found very helpful are on the side bar to the right. Each of them has their own special gems and I believe they saw me through the first 2 months of this journey. Any help to quit drinking and live a sober life is a must, at least until we learn that a life without alcohol is a great life to have.

As I write this I have no idea where I plan on it taking me. But I do plan on adding blogs which should assist each of us on each of our individual journeys.

Topics coming soon…

Doubt of our ability
Mistakes in the past

Imagining the future

Sobering Times http://www.Soberingtimes.com

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