Sobering Times


Soberingtimes takes a holistic overview looking at the full spectrum of topics regarding alcohol and the addiction itself.

Although I’d like to think that I recently discovered the way out of the alcohol trap, I guess in reality I’ve spend the past 28 years dipping in and out of sobriety whether it be for 2 or 3 days or even some months at one stage. I succeeded for a while but I was never really escaping.

I know we are never meant to say “I’ve got this”, but I do believe that I now see the gaps in my thinking that led me to slip back into the drinking culture each time. I am also fully aware that I need to keep guard from the ouside influences that are forever in my line of sight whether they be from my friends, television, or advertising.

The books I found very helpful are This Naked Mind, Kick The Drink Easily, Stop Drinking Now and Russell Brand’s Recovery – Freedom From Addiction. Each of them has their own special gems and I believe they saw me through the start of this journey. Any help to quit drinking and live a sober life is a must, at least until we learn that a life without alcohol is a great life to have.

I plan on adding blogs which should assist each of us on each of our individual journeys.

I also will shortly be creating VLogs and Podcasts where individual aspects of addiction will be explored.

Sobering Times

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