Sobering Times


Sobering Times takes a holistic overview of the full spectrum of topics regarding alcohol and the addiction itself.

Although I’d like to think that I recently discovered the way out of the alcohol trap, I guess in reality I’ve spent the past 28 years dipping in and out of sobriety, whether it be for 2 or 3 days or even some months at one stage. I succeeded for a while but I was never really escaping.

I know we are never meant to say “I’ve got this”, but I do believe that I now see the gaps in my thinking that led me to slip back into the drinking culture each time. I am also fully aware that I need to keep guard from the ouside influences that are forever in my line of sight, whether they be from my friends, television or advertising.

Every day we make a choice to continue to drink, or a decision to stop, either way we choose. Even when we decide we’ve had enough and say no more, we need to continue to make the decision to abstain and remain sober. It could be one of the most important decisions we will ever make.

The books I found very helpful are This Naked Mind, Kick The Drink Easily, Stop Drinking Now and Russell Brand’s Recovery – Freedom From Addiction. Each of them has their own special gems and I believe they saw me through the start of this journey. Any help to quit drinking and live a sober life is a must, at least until we learn that a life without alcohol is a great life to have.

I plan on adding blogs, which should assist each of us on our individual journeys.

I will also shortly be creating Vlogs and podcasts where individual aspects of addiction will be explored.

Sobering Times

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